How Marcus Samuelsson Turned His Biggest Hater Into Motivation

Marcus Samuelsson joined me on That Moment with Daymond John to discuss That Moment when a French chef told him “you will never own a restaurant.” That chef clearly could not have been more wrong given the impressive restaurant legacy Marcus is continuing to build.


Key Takeaways:

Thinking back on the moments that led to that life-altering comment from the chef, Marcus reflected on his tough upbringing in which tuberculosis took his mother’s life and nearly his and his sister’s own lives and the kindness that he experienced from their nurse who would eventually be responsible for setting the two of them up for adoption.

Marcus’ life changed drastically, and he shared how he truly felt about his travels as a young man learning how to be a professional in the kitchen. This was around the time when he was hit with that negative comment by the French chef, but he explains to me how he was actually able to use that as motivation (a must-listen for anyone struggling with imposter syndrome or self-doubt).

One of the most candid elements of Marcus’ discussion with me was centered around his struggles with what he had to sacrifice for his career, especially when it came to relationships. It’s a battle that so many listeners face themselves, and his explanation of how he came to terms with certain sacrifices is something that we all can take insights from.

He also didn’t shy away from sharing what it’s really like to move to NYC on your own (which is hard enough when you aren’t a Black man) and how fiercely he had to work to carve out a space for himself.

The full story of how Marcus turned the “you will never own a restaurant” comment into an empire is so inspiring and contains so many insightful takeaways that truly any listener can incorporate into their own ambitions.

Tune in to this episode of That Moment with Daymond John to transform the way you deal with personal setbacks, negativity, and developing a hustle mindset that cannot be beat! 

Who is Marcus Samuelsson?

Before you check out the episode, let me give you some background on why he’s someone you’re going to want to tune in and listen to! 

Marcus Sameulsson is the chef behind many restaurants worldwide, including Red Rooster Harlem, Streetbird at Yankee Stadium, Marcus at Baha Mar Fish + Chop House in the Bahamas, and several others. He was the youngest person to ever receive a 3-star review from the
New York Times and the guest chef for the Obama Administration’s first state dinner. If that wasn’t enough, Marcus has also won 8 James Beard Foundation awards, starred in several hit shows including Top Chef: Family Style, No Passport Required, Iron Chef, and more, and also hosts & produces The Seat at the Table and co-hosts his own podcast This Moment

Through his own philanthropic initiatives, he’s served over 1 million meals to people in need since the pandemic first hit through converting two of his restaurants into community kitchens and also creating the Newark Working Kitchens. Marcus also co-produces the annual Harlem EatUp! Festival and is a
New York Times bestselling author.  It was an honor having him on the show!


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