• 7 Questions to Uncover Your Personal Brand

    How do you uncover your personal style, find your niche, and stand out against the competition? The truth is the internet has changed the relationships between you and EVERYBODY else. There is literally nowhere to hide and if you do try to hide, it’s gonna cost you. The bottom line is you are a brand whether you want to be or not. Reputation matters today more than ever before.

  • Powershift Live Tour Experience!

    My Powershift Live Tour Experience kicks off in early March - and I’m counting down the days. I’m going across the country to teach people exactly how to make their own powershifts and achieve the success they’ve been dreaming of. At each stop, I’ll be breaking down my Powershift strategies and principles into actionable tasks for audience members. Get your tickets today!

  • Stop Settling: Get What You Want With The Power of Negotiation

    We’ve gotten to this point where we don’t know how to put ourselves first (even when it’s good for us) and we are afraid to ask for what we need. And so we wait...And wait.... And wait some more. But since when has waiting around ever gotten you what you want?

  • Free Email Marketing Strategy Map for 2020 from Daymond John

    Daymond John is giving away his Email Marketing Strategy Map for 2020 with permission to copy it for your business - for free! This map gives you the simplest way to build your email marketing plan for the entire year. You can use it to get your own plan done in a single weekend or less. 

  • 3 Steps to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

    Sydney Weymouth, Daymond John's Social Media Manager, is here to give you 3 actionable steps to gain traction on social media. Sydney has worked in social media for the last 7 years. She knows how to push the limits of social media strategy and her work has been featured in Vogue, People Magazine and Business News Daily.

  • Daymond John's Best Books, Podcasts and Resources to Grow Your Business in 2020

    Check out all of Daymond's 2019 Recommendations to help grow your business. You will learn a little bit of everything - from leadership to starting a side-hustle, branding, finding yourself, productivity hacks, marketing and more.

  • The Power of Your Why and How to Find It

    Establishing exactly what your "why" is,  creates a clear path to achieve your goals because it reminds you why you are striving towards those goals and can set a blueprint for how to accomplish them.

  • Daymond John's Holiday Gift Guide for Busy Entrepreneurs

    If you are a bit stumped on what the (crazy, busy) entrepreneurs in your life need, you have come to the right place! My team and I have some great ideas to make sure that your gift is a big hit.