How Award-Winning Eriq La Salle Continues to Dominate across Industries

Get ready for an exciting conversation with Eriq La Salle, known for his iconic role in "Coming to America." He's not just an actor; he's an award winner, director, and author. With a diverse career spanning major networks and streaming platforms, he's left his mark on TV. Eriq's latest book and commitment to mentorship make this a must-listen for anyone chasing their dreams.

Who is Eriq La Salle?

One thing about me that will never change is how much I love the movie Coming to America, and I’m so excited to get into it with the actor who had one of the funniest roles - Eriq La Salle. Now, Eriq is way more than just a side character from that movie. He won awards for his role as Dr. Peter Benton in ER, has been a Broadway performer, and starred alongside major players like Robin Williams in One Hour Photo and Hugh Jackman in Logan

Besides acting, Eriq’s found success as a director for productions across HBO, Showtime, Netflix, Amazon Prime, ABC, NBC, Fox, and other major entertainment companies plus some of your favorite shows like Chicago PD and the Law & Order universes.

Most recently, Eriq released his latest book Laws of Annihilation, the third installment of his Martyr Maker crime series. Some people say a jack of all trades is a master of none, but this could not be less applicable to Eriq. He’s achieved success in so many industries while providing mentorship to those looking to follow in his footsteps, and this is a powerful conversation that will inspire listeners to go after what they’ve always wanted.

Show Notes:

If you were winning awards and clearly dominating your industry, would you let yourself tap out or would you instead take the leap to test out your skills in a new industry? The most recent episode of That Moment with Daymond John featured the incredible Eriq La Salle, who dove headfirst into the latter. 

It takes a confident but strategic person to try your hand in a whole new skillset, but Eriq knew he had what it took to pivot from a successful acting and directing career to an author status (without skipping a beat when it comes to continuing to create and star in new film/TV!). He joined me on That Moment to share the moments that led to him releasing the latest book in his fiction series and what he has in the works on and behind the camera.

Eriq shared some powerful insights that listeners will definitely learn from, like:

  • Where the drive to become an author actually came from
  • What to do when you’ve done literally everything right…but still can’t succeed
  • Navigating industries that are known for being cutthroat and forming genuine relationships
  • Finding inspiration as you try to figure out what’s next for yourself
  • Why you need to prepare before the opportunity is even there
  • Making room for everyone in your space and the importance of representation
  • And more!

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