Defeat Your Doubts Around Health-As It Might Just Save Your Life!

After having a discussion with long-time sports broadcast reporter, Brian Custer, who shared having survived prostate cancer, joined along with Dr. Arif Kamal of American Cancer Society, the critical reminder of this fatal cancer was addressed that isn’t spoken up about nearly enough as it should be. 

Brian’s story serves as a testimony to the significance of tending to regular check-ups with your doctor for your health, as doing so saved Brian’s life. With the hesitation men such as Brian expressed having felt initially, regarding sex-related reasons, was also voiced the stigma that unfortunately comes with men receiving prostate exams-and this especially pertains to men of color due to the alarming rates of this disease affecting them. 

Make sure to be prompt on booking an appointment with your doctor for the sake of your loved ones-it might save your life! 

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