The Unfiltered FUBU Files Part 2

If you listened to part one, you already know the deal with what makes my FUBU co-founders Keith Perrin and Carl Brown so incredible. But let me give you a quick refresher on our relationship and some of their amazing accomplishments:

Who are Carl Brown and Keith Perrin?

Carl was a fast childhood friend of mine. Growing up in the same neighborhood, we were always together - but I had no idea at the time what our relationship would turn into. Keith didn’t come into the picture until we were a little older but also became a great friend once we got to know him. I’ll fast forward through our early FUBU years since you’ll hear all about them in the episode and fill you in on how the two of them have continued to grow since we launched the brand.

In 2001, Carl launched FB Entertainment and FUBU Films. He collaborated with Universal Records to release a hip-hop and R&B compilation CD that generated millions in revenue a few years later, Carl secured FUBU as the primary sponsor of Mike Harmon Racing for the NASCAR-BUSCH Series, a multiyear partnership that introduced the first Black-owned company to race in the series. Always thinking of new opportunities, Carl launched his own Wine & Spirits division through introducing Seraphin Cognac and Erotique Liqueur to the market as well as the FUBU Personal Care Line with a mission to provide personal care and grooming products specifically for the male and female African American market. His latest venture is hotelFUBU, a premier boutique hospitality brand. And of course, he’s still part of the family!

Keith has also been killing it, tapping into his unmatched talent for making strategic partnerships and forming strong relationships. In 2006, he established the Keith Perrin Agency, serving as CEO and President to secure talent placement in ads, movies, commercials, clothing campaigns, and photo shoots. He’s also been a key manager for the Coogi, Heatherette, Seraphin Cognac, Crown Holder, Ether, Kappa, and Drunkn Munky brand extensions and partnerships. Keith came in to The Shark Group in 2014 to lead Celebrity Integration, and shortly after he also became the CEO of FUBU Radio, which is a title he still holds today. You can tune into Keith through his weekly show My. Keeyzo’s Corner.

It’s no wonder FUBU was a success when you look at how incredibly talented, creative, and strategic my partners were!

 Show Notes:

If you think you know the full FUBU story, think again. Part One of Unfiltered FUBU Founders’ Stories: The Inside Scoop on Growing FUBU to $6 Billion gave you an introduction to some of the crazy stories that shaped the brand and reflections on the power of the brand, like why Drake, SZA, Fat Joe, and others keep wearing it, how we tapped into our scrappy street sides to create our own opportunities, the importance of staying clean, and so much more. Part Two is taking it even further. Get ready to hear about:

  • How we tapped into the music industry and sold millions of jeans off of one song
  • Our encounter with a recently acquitted OJ Simpson
  • The creation of our iconic 05 jersey (and how we were able to outsmart MTV through it)
  • Confronting west coast vs. east coast rappers
  • My partners’ private invitation to visit Nelson Mandela (which in turn led to my biggest regret)
  • How different cultures adopt the brand
  • Why some artists refused to respect the work we were doing
  • And more!

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 Daymond John
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