How Tim Ferriss Achieved the 4 Hour Workweek (You Can Too!)

This episode of That Moment with Daymond John I got the chance to sit down with Tim Ferriss businessman and Author of The 4 Hour Workweek.  Intriguing concept right?  May even sound insane to some but Ferris with his knowledge has some great suggestions for taking back your time!  During the holiday season what could be better?  To get more knowledge on that click below and tune in!

Who is Tim Ferriss?

I always say that there’s nothing new in this world, but my latest podcast guest Tim Ferriss certainly has a unique approach to the conventional ways of managing a work/life balance. Tim has been spotlighted as one of the “Most Innovative Business People” from Fast Company and Forbes’ 40 under 40 list, is an early-stage tech investor and advisor, and has 5 New York Times and Wall Street Journal best selling books. 

His revolutionary ways of thinking have landed him features in over 100 media outlets, including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, TIME, The New York Times, The Economist, and more. He’s also a highly ranked speaker, with gigs at Google, MIT, Harvard Business School, Nike, The Central Intelligence Agency, and more under his belt. In case it isn’t clear yet, Tim is someone that everyone wants to learn from!

He didn’t always have this esteemed reputation, though. I won’t spoil it for you, but in this episode you’ll hear how Tim had to really push to get to this level. To get his full backstory, which will inspire you to strive to surpass your own ultimate goals for yourself, check out this new episode now!

Show Notes:

You know I’m all about giving access to the people, strategies, and tools that can change your life for the better, and as I was reflecting on how important access to time is, I remembered this powerful discussion with Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Workweek. And you might be thinking, 4 hour workweek? In what world? But don’t overlook the suggestions that he has for taking back control of your time! The holiday season is already approaching, and don’t you want to be able to spend it with the people who matter most to you? 


Tune in now for the real, candid stories and strategies behind:

  • How Ryan ended up in NYC as a struggling aspiring actor

  • How Ryan handled getting a real estate license just as the recession hit

  • The key mistakes that agents and others make in their efforts to close a sale (and how you can avoid doing the same)

  • Taking advantage of unique opportunities, like, in Ryan’s case, an open casting call for Million Dollar Listing New York

  • Managing multiple roles and a full team without dropping the ball

  • The power of empathy 

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