How Jay Abraham Scaled to Over $9B in Generated Revenue

Hey everyone it's Daymond here!  Today I've got a special episode with a very special guest by the name of Jay Abraham.  The anchor of The Abraham Inc.  So as always make sure you stop by and listen in and pick up on some tips to build your strategic knowledge!  You don't want to miss these hidden gems that Jay is about to drop today in This Moment With Daymond.

Who is Jay Abraham?

This all new episode of That Moment with Daymond John introduces listeners to Jay Abraham, the powerhouse behind The Abraham Group, Inc. Jay’s an absolute game-changer, diving headfirst into over 1,000 industries worldwide, transforming businesses for over 10,000 clients and counting. He's not just fixing problems; he's uncovering hidden gems and strategic insights that others miss, making CEOs, entrepreneurs, and marketing leaders sit up and take notice.

Jay's strength is that his playbook isn't your run-of-the-mill approach. He's all about shaking up industries by introducing fresh, more profitable tactics beyond the usual marketing attempts, and he constantly finds ways to actually capitalize on so-called “problems” businesses are facing. Featured in Forbes and Investors Business Daily, he's the go-to authority for strategic guidance and redefining business models.

Maybe the most impressive part of Jay’s experience is his impact - not on the businesses themselves but on the people he teaches. Jay isn’t about coming in, rewriting a business plan, and leaving. He takes a mentorship approach to his clients and leaves those he works with with the tools to continuously revitalize their projects and find creative (and profit-driving) methods to pivot the business when needed. 

Bottom line? Jay’s all about growth, ethics, and multiplying those bottom lines. He's a force, empowering businesses, careers, and personal growth on a global scale. Listeners should be prepared to walk away from this episode feeling motivated to roll up their sleeves and find strategic ways to monetize their problems. 

Show Notes:

Mentorship is the gift that keeps on giving, and I feel so incredibly blessed to call Jay Abraham my mentor. Not only has Jay increased the bottom line for over 10,000 clients, he’s given them (and me!) the tools to recognize how to continue to do that when he steps back. With features in The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine and more, and recognition from Forbes as “The Real Thing” and one of the Top 5 Executive Coaches in the Country, he’s clearly someone that every struggling business owner or employee would be lucky to have on board. 

Some of his clients include at&t, Microsoft, Charles Schwab & Co., Weight Watchers, and General Electric, and he took that same hands-on approach that he had with each of them to this discussion.


Tune in now to learn all about how:

  • Truthfully assessing what does and doesn’t work for you
  • Testing out different strategies for achieving sales (with as little risk as possible)
  • Identifying problems with a unique perspective that makes you the leading authority on finding solutions
  • Building massive marketing databases and taking advantage of all forms of marketing
  • Securing the lowest customer acquisition cost for your business
  • Tapping into mentorship opportunities - both as a mentor and a mentee


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Host: Daymond John

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