Emmy Award Winning Mario Armstrong’s Monetization Playbook

Hey, it's Daymond John, and I'm thrilled to have you join us for this special episode. As we prepare for Black Entrepreneurs Day, I had the privilege of talking to Emmy Award-winning TV host and digital expert Mario Armstrong. He's a powerhouse in the online world, and in this episode, Mario shares his journey, from balancing a day job with entrepreneurial passions to scaling on social media. We'll also explore what it means to invest in yourself, create experiences, and monetize your ideas. Get ready for an exclusive interview filled with actionable strategies – you won't want to miss this!


Who is Mario Armstrong?

Emmy Award-winning TV host Mario Armstrong is someone you need to have on your radar if he isn’t already. He’s a regular on NBC’s Today Show, CNN, NPR, and more, with appearances on Steve Harvey, Inside Edition, Dr. Oz, FUSE, and several other top rated shows under his belt, too.

Currently, Mario is the host of his Emmy winning Never Settle Show, a web television series that teaches creators how to monetize and market their passions - so if you’ve ever wondered how you can turn your passions into something that drives income for you, he’s your guy! And the best part is that he prioritizes positivity and actionable advice and strategies in all of the content that he puts out, so viewers are constantly feeling motivated and prepared to achieve their goals.

Mario also works with my team as a Shark Speaker and has become a highly sought after and respected public speaker. It’s no wonder why when you learn about his entrepreneurial and brand influencer experiences!

This is the perfect guest to inspire you to combine your interests with business and put yourself out there in a way that will only come back to benefit you, and I can’t wait for you to learn more about Mario and how you can replicate his successes.

Show Notes:

With my Black Entrepreneurs Day 4th annual event streaming this week, I want to shed some light on a fellow Black entertainer who cultivated his own unique online experiences. No matter what industry you’re in, an online presence is vital to building your customer base, and Emmy Award winning talk show host and digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong outlined exactly how he developed his personal and business brand online. This discussion is so key for breaking down his own success case study while providing actionable strategies for all listeners. 


Mario broke down:

  • How to balance your day job with your entrepreneurial passions
  • The methods to scaling across social media
  • What it really means to invest in yourself
  • The process of creating an experience, not just a brand
  • How to monetize your ideas
  • And more!

So let’s get into this exclusive, never-before-released interview - and don’t be afraid to take some notes!

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