• Daymond John - Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

    It’s no secret that businesses experience many setbacks on the road to success, and Maya French’s struggles are just one of them. Lucky for her, Daymond John is here to save the day with some powerful business advice beneficial for any aspiring entrepreneur. 

  • Daymond John and Wendy Williams - A Dynamic Duo

    During an interview with none other than Wendy Williams herself, Daymond John discusses how the pandemic can impact business and home life, exposes unheard information about the cast of Shark Tank, and talks about his newest book, Powershift.

  • Daymond John - 3 Ways To Change Your Life

    Daymond John is back again to teach us how to create the life we desire. In just three simple steps anyone can shift their energy and create positive change. Find out more about a method known as powershifting that has taken the entrepreneur world by storm. 

  • Daymond John’s Powershift Principle

    An article from Entrepreneur shares a glimpse into Daymond John’s newest book Powershift. From family life to business meetings, the powershift principle applies to them all. How is Daymond going to inspire and guide your next powershift? 

  • Daymond John Discusses How To Catch A Shark

    In an interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, Daymond discusses his memorable experiences on ‘Shark Tank’ and shares some valuable truths for aspiring entrepreneurs.  

  • Daymond John - Tips To Build Your Business Empire

    Interested in learning how to powershift your life? Check out Daymond John’s newest book, Powershift, and learn how to transform any situation, close any deal, and achieve any outcome.

  • Daymond John - Transforming How We See A Pandemic

    In an interview with TMZ, Daymond discusses the upsides to Coronavirus. As an optimist, Daymond always finds the positives of any situation, including the current pandemic.

  • Daymond Releases Newest Book, Powershift

    In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Daymond explains that forming a deal is like creating a piece of art, except in the business world this masterpiece is made up of influence, negotiations, and relationships.

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