Barnes & Noble's Most Anticipated Kid's Book: Little Daymond

Little Daymond is reaching new heights!     

In the past week, Barnes and Noble announced their “Most Anticipated Kid’s Book Releases of March 2023” and we are so honored and proud that Little Daymond Learns to Earn is featured on this prestigious list!

Thank you to Barnes & Noble for recognizing the work that I put into it and helping spread the importance of starting money education early.

This isn't just a book, it's a tool to change the way kids learn about money and transform how financial intelligence is taught by parents and teachers

Barnes and Noble stated that “When FUBU founder, entrepreneur and quintessential “Shark” Daymond John speaks about money and hard work, we listen.
Little Daymond Learns to Earn is the fresh spin on financial literacy that we could all benefit from”.

To order your advanced copy, visit the article here:

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