Daymond Shares His Legacy Project on Pardon My Take

After 30 years of trying to teach his own children about financial intelligence, Daymond John has released a new children’s book, Little Daymond Learns to Earn.

Daymond John Barstool Sports Pardon My take interview

In this interview with Pardon My Take, a Barstool Podcast, Daymond talks about:

  • The kind of book he’s sick of reading his 7 year old (and what inspired the birth of Little Daymond Learns to Earn)
  • How the broken education system is failing our children
  • The biggest $ hurdle parents are facing today
  • The new “Mr. Rogers”
  • How to manage your money and where to invest for the best returns
  • Personal branding: why Daymond’s top hat has been making the rounds

Daymond is spreading his knowledge about financial literacy to all ages and this is the perfect way to start teaching your kids or young ones about the value of money. This book features interactive and fun ways to get kids interested in money and entrepreneurship. 

Check out the full video to learn all these tips and more here:

You can get your autographed copy of Little Daymond Learns to Earn here:

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