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If you’re looking to start a business or make sure that your existing business is running like a well-oiled machine, you should take a deeper look at my interactive, digital curriculum called Daymond On Demand. I’ve had everyone from entrepreneurs with just an idea to CEO’s running multi-million dollar business use the success formula I provide in this curriculum to bring their company to new heights.


In the course, you learn everything from:

  • Branding your product or company
  • Finding capital to fund your business
  • Protecting your business
  • Validating your product or service
  • Identifying your target market
  • Creating a sales plan
  • Much, much more

If you're serious about entrepreneurship and taking your business to the next level, you'll innately understand the value that Daymond On Demand holds. With this exclusive pre-order you will be among the first to receive, and unlock, the back door into my and my teams’ expert business insight. Get it now, for exclusive secret bonuses sent directly to you! 



Course 1:  Introduction to Daymond John’s Success Formula

            Chapter 1:  Introduction

            Chapter 2:  Getting Started


Course 2:  Business Fundamentals

            Chapter 1:  What Is An Entrepreneur?

            Chapter 2:  Why Do Businesses Fail?

            Chapter 3:  Start With Your “Why”

            Chapter 4:  What Every Business Needs to Succeed


Course 3:  Validating Your Product or Service

            Chapter 1:  Coming Up With a Product/Service or Idea

            Chapter 2:  Income Validation

            Chapter 3:  Cost Validation

            Chapter 4:  Velocity Validation

            Chapter 5:  Value Validation

            Chapter 6:  Creating a Company Name/Brand

            Chapter 7:  Your Company Logo

            Chapter 8:  Proof of Concept

            Chapter 9:  The Four Stages of a Brand


Course 4:  Protecting Your Business

            Chapter 1:  Protecting What’s Yours

            Chapter 2:  Types of Patents

            Chapter 3:  The Patent Process

            Chapter 4:  Trademarks


Course 5:  Industry Analysis

            Chapter 1:  The Importance of Industry Analysis

            Chapter 2:  Just What Industry Do You Think You’re In?

            Chapter 3:  Industry Sensitivity Factors

            Chapter 4:  Industry Financial Characteristics


Course 6:  Your Target Market

            Chapter 1:  Who is Your Target Market?

            Chapter 2:  Why Do Your Customers Do What They Do?


Course 7:  Competitive Analysis

            Chapter 1:  Know Your Competition


Course 8:  The Marketing Plan

            Chapter 1:  Marketing, Branding & Advertising

            Chapter 2:  Your Marketing Strategy

            Chapter 3:  Your Website (Internet Marketing)

            Chapter 4:  Blogs

            Chapter 5:  Social Media

            Chapter 6:  Email Marketing

            Chapter 7:  Radio & Television

            Chapter 8:  Tradeshows

            Chapter 9:  Direct Mail

            Chapter 10:  Celebrity Endorsements

            Chapter 11:  Guerilla Marketing


Course 9:  The Sales Plan

            Chapter 1:  Sales Cures All

            Chapter 2:  The Sales Process

            Chapter 3:  The Sales Funnel

            Chapter 4:  The First Sale


Course 10:  Planning For Growth

            Chapter 1:  Building a 10x Organization

            Chapter 2:  Product/Service Quality & Credibility

            Chapter 3:  Brand Awareness & Marketing

            Chapter 4:  Customer Relationships

            Chapter 5:  Profitability

            Chapter 6:  Your Team

            Chapter 7:  Innovation & Growth

            Chapter 8:  Licensing

            Chapter 9:  Additional Growth Opportunities


Course 11:  The Business Plan

            Chapter 1:  Why Have a Business Plan

            Chapter 2:  The Executive Summary

            Chapter 3:  Musts for a Successful Business Plan

            Chapter 4:  What an Investor Looks For


Course 12:  Preparing Your Pitch

            Chapter 1:  The Elevator Pitch


Course 13:  Building Business Credit

            Chapter 1:  Start Building Business Credit

            Chapter 2:  After You Incorporate

            Chapter 3:  Applying for Credit

            Chapter 4:  Know Your Credit Score


Course 14:  Sources of Money

            Chapter 1:  Various Sources of Money

            Chapter 2:  Your 401(K) - Randy

            Chapter 3:  Debt Financing

            Chapter 4:  Equity Financing

            Chapter 5:  Crowdfunding

            Chapter 6:  Asset-Based Loans

            Chapter 7:  Venture Capital

            Chapter 8:  Private Investors

            Chapter 9:  Additional Sources of Money


Course 15:  Things I’ve Learned


Course 16:  Wrap Up

            Chapter 1:  A Few Thoughts