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SVP and Executive Editor of Black Enterprise Alfred Edmond Jr. came onto That Moment with Daymond John to give his candid reflection on the opportunities that led to him becoming an executive, how he prioritizes his health, his advice for aspiring business leaders, and more.

Key Takeaways:

The “moment” that affirmed in his mind that he was meant to be a business journalist was created both by himself and someone above him on his team and serves as a reminder that little actions we take can drastically change the course of others’ lives - for good.

Alfred also gives writing and speaking tips that no matter what industry you’re in will help you develop your skills and sharpen your ability to effectively do both. Besides being focused in business, he takes such a disciplined approach to health and fitness that can be applied to virtually all aspects of our lives, and listeners will definitely walk away with a few mindset changes and habits to lock in to improve themselves overall.

Tune in to an all new episode of That Moment with Daymond John to lock in the habits and strategies that will help you grow not only in business but in your personal life, too!

Who is Alfred Edmond Jr?

In this episode of That Moment with Daymond John, you’ll get to hear from award-winning multi-media journalist and SVP/Executive Editor of Black Enterprise, Alfred Edmond Jr.

Known widely for his expertise on business and economic trends, entrepreneurship, personal finance, leadership development, and mentorship, Alfred is responsible for providing brand, marketing and content leadership as a member of the multimedia company’s senior management team.

Alfred also currently serves as writer, co-producer and host of Black Enterprise’s interview series, Beyond The Hype and Your Money, Your Life while co-hosting B. Lifted Up! a nationally syndicated, faith-based radio program focused on encouraging listeners to commit to smart financial choices and the creation of generational wealth.

In addition, Alfred served as a mentor for Pharrell Williams’ Black Ambition nonprofit initiative to support funding of ideas and companies led by Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Alfred’s a top speaker among Shark Speakers, a health enthusiast, and incredible mentor and I always learn so much when we catch up.

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