Rising Above the Noise Exclusive on Daymond

Anatomy of a Shark: A Daymond is a Girl’s Best Friend
by David Brier




Daymond is a man about style and substance. He exhibits the kind of style that makes heads turn in a dinner party, not unlike the international lady’s man, secret agent James Bond. He also is man know for his astute attention to detail. He is all about brands and branding. Daymond knows what separates wannabe brands from killer brands that own their space.

When I asked about the importance of details as relates to a brand, he had this to say:

“One of the most important things for any brand is a strong attention to detail. It shows that you care enough about your work to make it as close to perfect as possible. If a brand doesn’t care to look over it’s product to make sure it’s the best product possible, there’s no reason consumers should become advocates or brand champions for it. And without brand champions telling everyone how much they love your product, you will have to spend a lot more marketing dollars.”


Daymond knows the power of choice. To clarify, everything is a choice. Whether it’s to cheapen a brand’s quality or cut the wrong corners or to let management dictate brand attributes or to shortcut important homework.

As anyone in branding knows, you must leave as little to chance as possible. One of the reasons you must never delegate “brand innovation” to a committee (which is the only thing worse than chance) is because you know a committee will kill a brand faster than a roomful of politicians. (A team of disciplined specialists is one thing and totally distinct from this comment about committees [which more often than not are observers with opinions].)

With that said, here is Daymond’s take on leaving nothing to chance:

“There are so many factors when starting a business that are completely out of your hands. The worst thing, is that no matter what you do, they [the many factors] will always be out of your hands and simply up to chance. That’s why whenever I approach a project I take a deep look at every thing that I can control and make sure that I do everything in my power to make sure it’s the best work I can do. It makes no sense worrying about the aspects of your life that you have no control over, but you’ve got to make sure everything that you can control is fully taken advantage of.”

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