Daymond John, CEO of Shark Group, Reflects on Struggle to Fame Faced by Close Childhood Friend, Cat Gerald Watson


CEO of the Shark Tank and Shark Group subsidiary, Daymond John, divulges in the hardship which his childhood friend, Cat Gerald Watson, endured pertaining to his experience being incarcerated for 8 years. Watson was only stripped of not only his physical freedom but was removed from pursuing his heartfelt dreams of being a famous heavyweight boxer due to a wrongful conviction of a crime that he did not commit. 

While John was living in the rising fortune built from the establishment of his profitable clothing business, he was missing the partnership he used to collaborate with from working with his close friend. When Watson left into the free world after serving an 8-year sentence, he opened up on insane stories which weren’t available publicly. Watson goes more in-depth on some of his experiences on this episode of Daymond’s “That Moment” podcast.

Currently, Watson contains the capacity to share stories of his transformation in being endorsed by John to join his self-started FUBU brand. John briefly includes a reminiscence of days when he and his buddy were involved in inconvenient ordeals like having stolen luxury cars and transitions his focus to their more recent contrasting experiences, notably meeting established figures in hip-hop. John reflects on the shared and mutual struggle from the past to look at the luxury their success has afforded them.

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