What I've Learned from Each Shark on Shark Tank

People tend to think that when you’re successful, you know all there is to know about business. The truth is, no matter how successful you are, there is always room to expand your knowledge and skills. Shark Tank has been airing for 11 years, and I’m still learning every time I’m on set. Why? Because of who I’m surrounded by!

In this video, I dive into what I’ve learned from each Shark on Shark Tank and how they’ve helped me grow over the years. Remember, you should always be learning. 

Keep scrolling for links and show notes...

Show notes:

0:23 - 0:57 - Why Shark Tank is so successful.
0:58 - 1:45 - What we can learn from Barbara.
1:46 - 2:47 - What we can learn from Robert.
2:48 - 3:17 - What we can learn from Mark.
3:18 - 4:10 - What we can learn from Kevin.
4:11 - 5:04 - What we can learn from Lori.
5:04 - 6:22 - What you can learn from me.

Speaking of learning, head over to nailyourpitch.com if you want to learn how to pitch like a Shark!

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