Understanding Money: The Skill That Lasts A Lifetime

There’s a reason the expression about teaching a man to fish has stayed so relevant…because it’s true. Teaching someone a skill that can support them will always be important and have a high, lasting impact, and there are few skills as important as understanding money and how you can use it. 

It’s no secret that I wrote Little Daymond Learns to Earn because I fully believe in the value of starting money discussions with your children or students at a younger age. But what about those children who don’t have a constant guardian or teacher who has the ability to educate them on the value of money? For children reliant on organizations like the incredible Big Brothers, Big Sisters or Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, that unfortunately tends to be their reality in their home life.

That’s why I’m teaming up with both organizations to get as many copies in hands as possible with my Give One, Get One package. This holiday season, give the gift of financial understanding and support the organizations that are taking charge in educating the underprivileged children in our communities. Through our bundle, purchase one copy of Little Daymond Learns to Earn for your family and one to be donated to a child in need, and we’ll handle the logistics for you!

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