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Little Daymond Give 1, Get 1 Bundle (Pre-Order)

Little Daymond Give 1, Get 1 Bundle (Pre-Order)

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Little Daymond and his friends are changing the way kids see money.

Make an impact on your child’s life and [another child’s] by donating 1 copy of Little Daymond with every purchase you make through

Little Daymond is a powerful story that uses relatable characters to teach your children how to understand and use money. Not only do readers learn how they can use their own passions and talents to start a business, but they walk away with an understanding of how the money earned from that business can be saved, spent, or donated. 

Teach your kids about money through our give 1, get 1 bundle. Daymond and his team will donate the extra book to organizations that are close to Daymond and champion children entrepreneurship and leadership, like Big Brothers Big Sister, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), HipHop Summit Youth Council, and others. 

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