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Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting Shontay Lundy, Founder and CEO of Black Girl Sunscreen as part of my "Powershift Your Week" Series. I learned so much! You guys are always teaching this Shark new tricks. 🙌🏾

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Can't play a video right now? No problem: Here’s a breakdown of today’s segments:

Did You Know:
According to Statista, mobile devices account for approximately half of all web traffic worldwide. Web traffic is becoming increasingly important in a time of oversaturated industries. Your website immediately introduces your business or product to customers and investors, so make sure it’s designed well! You should also be taking advantage of free online platforms, like Instagram, to get the word out about your brand.

Motivation Mix: Check out today’s song, Underdog by Alicia Keys - They said I would never make it, but I was built to break the mold.” - You can find it on the Powershift Your Week Motivation Mix on Spotify  →

T-Mobile For Business Fan Q&A: I brought on Shontay Lundy, founder of Black Girl Sunscreen to chat with me about her business. She describes the struggle of either spending the pool party under the umbrella or covered in a white residue from sunscreen built for lighter skin, and how she turned this gap in the market into Black Girl Sunscreen.

She busts the common misconception that people of color don’t need sunscreen, something I still believed until recently! We dive into the challenges that come with scaling your business, taking risks against the status quo, and how to land your product in big stores just like Shontay.

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Shontay has overcome obstacles and taken her business to heights she never imagined possible. Shontay started on Instagram like so many entrepreneurs and today, Black Girl Sunscreen can be found on the shelves of Target stores nationwide.  Plus,  she recently received $1 MILLION in funding from a female VC! Not many can say that.

I am excited to share this interview with you because I KNOW Shontay will be able to teach you something, too. 

Challenge of the Week: Ask 2-3 family members or friends to review your website on desktop, your website on mobile, your social media accounts, etc., and provide you with constructive feedback - don’t forget to explicitly ask them what they don’t like. Some of the best improvements come from criticism! 

I hope today’s fact, song, live Q&A and challenge inspire you to believe in your vision and start building it online!

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