Andrew Yang - How To Find Success Virtually

Andrew Yang was a Democratic Presidential Nominee focused on giving people the resources they need in order to achieve success. He’s an advocate for finding ways to work with technology as automation becomes a threat to job security and also highly values entrepreneurship, evidenced by his status as a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship and the founder of Venture for America.

I’ve been fortunate enough to know Andrew Yang for a while now. This week he sat with me to talk about 

  • technological advances in the workplace
  • making your value clear from afar
  • embracing technology
  • utilizing the Power of Broke mentality
  • how to experience human connection during lockdown
  • Andrew’s quarantine powershift  

Catch the full interview below! Keep scrolling for links and show notes...

Check out his book we talked about, The War on Normal People

Show Notes:

  • Andrew Yang has always been passionate about helping workers embrace technology - but how does he feel about the sudden shift towards a remote workforce?  [2:18]
  • As technological advances continue to increasingly replace jobs - what advice does Andrew have for workers?  [2:18]
  • In the past few months, people have been forced to work from home. Luckily Andrew has figured out the secret to demonstrating your value remotely - find out his tips and tricks? [8:30]
  • Andrew’s wise words that every American should follow in order to take advantage of technology. [11:00]
  • Increasing social isolation has Andrew leading the way with some powerful advice on the best way to remain connected today. [13:30]
  • What is Andrew’s quarantine powershift? [19:47]
  • He’s a superstar already, but let’s take it a step further - what superpower does Andrew wish for? [20:00]
  • Lastly, check out the end of our interview for some brain teasers! [20:45]

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