How Virtual Assistants Are Changing The Way We Work - BELAY Video Series

I travel across the country every single week speaking and consulting with entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you who are looking to grow and scale their business.  One thing I see time and time again is the entrepreneurs’ hesitation to delegate and utilize outside resources to increase productivity and results.  I always support exercising the “power of broke”, but don’t forget that part of that mentality is to constantly be on the lookout for tools and resources to help you expand.  Once you’ve gotten your business off the ground, it’s all about delegation and automation.

I see and work with a lot of companies.  I chose to work with the virtual solutions company, BELAY, because after seeing their services I was excited to share them with you.  If you’re looking for virtual assistance, bookkeeping or web support, BELAY is a great option.  A lot of entrepreneurs aren’t yet in the position to hire full time employees, and virtual team members are a great alternative that will save you a lot of money on the back end.

That is why last fall I teamed up with BELAY to give 4 entrepreneurs the chance to win a 45-minute Power Meeting with me to discuss their business. BELAY took this opportunity to give their current customers and members of my community an amazing opportunity.

Check out the video below to get a behind-the-scenes look at my meetings with each of the winners and the amazing experience that BELAY created for these entrepreneurs. 

For more information on BELAY’s virtual staffing solutions, check out



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