<p>5 Reasons Why Having a Virtual Assistant is a Great Investment</p> <p> </p>

I learn so much from my Shark Tank entrepreneurs.  They are continuously showing me new methods to improve my business operations and utilize resources I never knew were there.  After talking to a number of them, I kept hearing about virtual assistants and it was more than a coincidence that it kept coming up. 

 For those that aren’t familiar with virtual assistants, they are professionals who provide administrative, technical and other assistance to their clients (usually entrepreneurs) remotely.  One company in particular that I’ve found with great virtual assistants is eaHELP (http://bit.ly/2ey05I4).  eaHELP is openly passionate about what they do and they’re a company that thrives on helping leaders everywhere get exceptional executive assistants.  A virtual assistant is a fairly new concept that is worth looking into, especially for entrepreneurs or solo-entrepreneurs, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. It’s efficient and saves money.

Having a virtual assistant is cost-efficient and keeps costs low for many reasons. For many entrepreneurs, you have tons of extra work an assistant would be super helpful with, but you can’t pay a full time assistant. Virtual assistants only works when you need them to and that means you’re only spend money when you actually need the help.  With a virtual assistant, if there’s no work you need done, they’re not just sitting around and you’re not paying someone when you don’t need them at that moment.

  1. They make it easy to focus on everything you need to do, without worrying about any administrative obligations.

A reliable executive assistant gives you the time to be more productive.  There are a million and one things to be done in any given day, so it helps when you don’t have to keep double-checking your assistant.  The assistants at eaHELP make sure to handle all of the administrative detail that would otherwise keep you busy for hours.  A great assistant is essential to be sure that you’re always maximizing your productivity.  It makes everything so much easier and it saves crucial time by getting things done in an efficient and organized way. 

  1. Virtual assistants are already well-versed at the things you need them to be.

Whether its making calls, or managing a calendar, virtual assistants are ready and prepared. Now this is a reason why I liked eaHELP above other companies out there. eaHELP hires individuals who are highly experienced and can handle a number of important things.  Screening e-mail, ad hoc projects or task that are guaranteed to pop up, managing calendars, making calls when necessary on my behalf, scheduling and even booking things like travel.

  1. Not only are you assigned an executive assistant, you’re assigned a relationship manager.

Having a virtual assistant might be different for some people, considering that all contact is usually made online and over the phone.  It’s something you definitely have to get used to and understand, but eaHELP also assigns a relationship manager who is instrumental in figuring out whether this assistant is a right fit for you.  This is extremely necessary!

  1. A very trustworthy and reliable assistant.

Your virtual assistant is a member of your team, even if it is virtually.  It’s important that your assistant can still be the go-to person as soon as you need something done.  They are well-versed at enforcing confidential items and I can’t stress how important and helpful that is.


I hope this helped shed some light on a tool that I truly believe every entrepreneur should at least try out. I know eaHELP has been a life saver for my companies when they need them the most and are ready for anything that is thrown at them. I highly recommend a run with them if you’re interested at all. Check out http://bit.ly/2ey05I4 for more info on eaHELP!

Thanks guys, and let me know what you think of virtual assistants and eaHELP on my comments below and on social media!


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