My Advice on Managing Inventory for Your Online Business

After seeing one of my tweets, Jill Hite took action and became one of the lucky winners of Power Meetings with Daymond John, a contest I ran with the virtual solutions company, BELAY.  The 4 winners of this contest each won a 45-minute consultation with me to discuss their business and strategize for growth and expansion.

Jill immediately impressed me with the amount of success she has found in retail with her company, Sugar Love Boutique.  She understands that it’s not just about the clothes, but about catering to her customers and creating an unforgettable experience. Jill’s biggest question for me was, “How should we manage our inventory”? This one hit close to home for me.  I learned early on with FUBU that inventory can make or break your business. So, our meeting was all about creating a strategy for Jill so that she can worry less about managing inventory and focus more on what is most important: her customers and their needs.  

Check out this video to get a behind-the-scenes look at our meeting and the amazing experience that BELAY created for the Power Meetings winners.
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