Entrepreneurship Is A Team Sport

Are you ready for a new week?! I’m here every Monday to help us ALL power through the week ahead and answer YOUR questions. I call this “Powershift Your Week”, where I share some of the things that are inspiring ME in the hopes of giving you the motivation and
ideas to accomplish your  own goals. This “Powershift Your Week” is powered by T-Mobile® for Business.

Did You Know: Veterans are 45% more likely to be self-employed than non-veterans. This is a great testament to developing transferable skills - especially the soft skills that make strong business owners!

Motivation Mix: Check out today’s song, Hall of Fame by The Script feat. Will.I.Am - You can find it on the Powershift Your Week Motivation Mix on Spotify  → https://dj.daymondjohn.com/spotify

T-Mobile For Business Fan Q&A: Adam from Reuben’s Brews - The Taproom had a great question that many business owners are struggling with right now. Check it out and
Follow Adam on IG →  www.instagram.com/ReubensBrews
Visit their website → https://reubensbrews.com/

Challenge of the Week: Think about what it is that you’re uniquely strong at on your team, and identify one initiative that you could create and lead using that skill. Let me know what you think your unique strength is in the comments.

I hope today’s fact, song, live Q&A and challenge push you to achieve success this week however you may define it.

Don’t Forget: I’m going live on Instagram every Monday at 1pm EST for Powershift Your Week - Powered by T-Mobile for Business. Follow me on Instagram → www.instagram.com/thesharkdaymond


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