Daymond's Monthly Recommendations - July 2019

If you’re new to the Monthly Recommendations, here’s the deal: 

It’s 2019 and things change FAST. But, like a true entrepreneur, I like to keep up. That’s why I hunt down the latest and greatest podcasts, books, articles, and whatever else I find interesting and share them with you here every month.

I’m excited about this month’s recommendations. You should notice a little bit of a theme this month. 

- Being an authentic salesperson,
- How important it is to take care of you and
- How doing these things will make you a great leader

Let's get started:


1. Invisible Selling Machine

2. Your Oxygen Mask First

3. All Marketers are Liars


1. Hacking Your Leadership 

2. Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

3. Casual Fridays Podcast


1. 9 Successful Business Leaders Reveal Their Top Tips for Selling Anything to Anyone

2. 5 Easy Tips to Combat Nerves and Excel at Public Speaking


The 6 Keys to My Success


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