Daymond John Best of 2020 Powertalks Part 1 | Videos 10-6

In the midst of all the craziness that 2020 has brought us, I made it my duty to figure out how to help the businesses and entrepreneurs who were struggling to make ends meet or get their feet off the ground. 


I took out my rolodex and opened it up to the world. Almost every week, I interviewed an entrepreneur, expert, game changer or influencer live on Instagram for you.

I call this segment of interviews - PowerTalks. 

PowerTalks are my way of giving you power. The power to push through. The power to shift. The power to dig deep and do the work. The power to persevere.

Now that 2020 is coming to an end, I've round up 10 of my favorite episodes. 

We are going to count down from 10 to 1 this week. Below are episodes 10-6:

Video #10 - Steve Canal

How To Make More Money: Know Your Audience

There are a million ways to build a business. Steve just might know them all. We sat down to talk and he dropped so many golden nuggets, I just had to share. We talk about:

  • How to build an app
  • How to get contacts at other businesses
  • How to keep from getting put in a box
  • How to reinvent yourself and more 


Video #9 - Marc Lore

What it Takes to be a Successful Entrepreneur

I got to talk to Marc Lore, President and CEO of Walmart E-Commerce, about how he’s become a multi-billionaire and global leader in e-commerce.

Marc explains the omni-channel strategy that he believes is the future of retail, talks about augmented reality, and breaks down what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. 

Video #8 - Charlynda Scales

How to Turn Shark Tank Rejection into Opportunity

What do you do if the people you’re working with don’t have the same core values?

Video #7 - Rob Ceccarelli

 How to respond to trolls on social media

How to grow your business with a generic social media handle like @ballin and @style

Video #6 - Barbara Corcoran

Launching a Business During Hard Times

Barbara is one of the most creative sharks and successful businesswomen with her keen marketing perspective and ability to create movement in a product. 

During these unprecedented times, entrepreneurs and business-oriented individuals alike are unsure and fearful about properly managing their businesses.

But don’t worry, Barbara is here to help! Her positive attitude and unique coping mechanisms reveal that now is actually the best time for business. We talked about:

  • Advice for people who have lost jobs during COVID-19
  • Investing in your business from home
  • Staying connected with your team and 
  • Launching a business in bad times

BONUS! - Kevin O'Leary

How to Survive an Economic Downturn

I talked with Kevin O’Leary, the self-proclaimed “only shark that tells the truth” (even though we know that’s a lie!), about what it takes to stay afloat during an economic downturn.

You will learn about:

  • How to save money
  • Why this is a good time to become an entrepreneur
  • How industries are changing
  • Advice for small businesses
  • Where the market is heading


Ready for the next round? I just dropped my top 5 PowerTalk videos from 2020 in blog number 2 here!


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