Chase Jarvis - The True Definition Of Creativity

As a photographer, director, artist, and entrepreneur, Chase Jarvis had what so many people would consider a dream job and lifestyle until one really bad accident completely changed his mindset and perspective. Afterward, he became devoted to helping other people achieve their dream jobs too. 

Chase Jarvis has always inspired me with how passionate he is about allowing yourself to go against the grain and devote your life to what truly drives you, even when society deems it “impractical.” There is never a dull moment talking with Chase. This week he sat and got vulnerable with me about:

  • A life-threatening accident that completely changed his perspective
  • How to be a strong and productive leader right now while also letting yourself feel the pain being faced across the world
  • What “creativity” actually means…

Spoiler: it’s not just gluing popsicle sticks together and calling it “art”!

Catch the full interview here! Scroll below for links and show notes...

Connect with Chase at Chase Jarvis (@chasejarvis) • Instagram photos and videos

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Show Notes:

  • After being a photographer for 15 years, Chase is now devoted to helping people discover their passions - Why did Chase make this change? [02:27] 
  • Chase does not believe creativity is a skill, but rather it’s a mindset - how does Chase  prove creativity is not something you’re born with? [09:02]
  • If you don’t find success, then what is it? [11:08]
  • How does Chase believe we should view creativity? [11:26]
  • If we are all innately creative, then is a lack of creativity merely a lack of effort? [12:35]
  • Find out why discovering your calling and pursuing it makes you more valuable than pursuing a “practical” career [15:08]
  • How does Chase explain the value of creativity? [16:32]
  • Chase is incredibly humble, listen to his reaction when I call him out for being both an entrepreneur and a founder [18:20]
  • Why is CreativeLive more valuable than ever in this pandemic? [19:36]
  • COVID has forced many companies to find creative and innovative solutions - listen to Daymond’s advice on how to creatively succeed while being conscientious  [21:10]
  • What is Chase’s number one piece of advice for companies to succeed during the pandemic? [22:50]

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