How One Legend's Model Shaped the Advertising Industry

Calling all advertising and marketing executives and everyone interested in this industry - the following is part of a limited content series I’m releasing called Advertising & Innovation, brought to you by The Shark Group and the London International Awards. In this series, I sit with some of the most forward-thinking, strategic creatives and executives to explore how the advertising industry is evolving and how to master it for your business and clients.  

It’s not everyday that you get to sit with a knight, let alone one who has absolutely revolutionized the advertising industry. It was incredible to sit with the legendary Sir Martin Sorrell and get his insights on all things advertising, from how the new digital model is absolutely pivotal to brands (and how they can implement it) to what implications big tech’s new privacy regulations have on marketing to creating a 2 second ad and so much more. I know I just got a master class that any business owner should be taking notes on. Keep scrolling to access our interview!

In this interview, you’ll learn about:

  • The new model of the digital advertising revolution and its 4 principles
  • How to scale a $3.4b brand from $0
  • Why ownership of a company should be tied to control of the company
  • The future of tech companies in the advertising space
  • What “the unreal engine” is and how small businesses should use it to create content
  • The advertising trends you cannot overlook right now

And if you aren’t familiar with Sir Martin Sorrell, his amazing career and how he’s disrupted the advertising agency, here’s some background info on him: 

  • Took on the role of Group Financial Director of Saatchi & Saatchi for 9 years
  • Served as Chief Executive of WPP for 33 years, bringing it from a £1 million shell company to the world’s largest advertising and marketing services company
  • Founded S4 Capital, a new era marketing services company, in 2018 and has since built it into a $3.4 billion company 
  • Also currently sits as Senior Monk for Media.Monks, which he acquired under S4 Capital and is renowned for its cutting edge new media advertising


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