How Earned Media & Culture Shape Advertising of the Country's Biggest Firm

Calling all advertising and marketing executives and everyone interested in this industry - the following is part of a limited content series I’m releasing called Advertising & Innovation, brought to you by The Shark Group and the London International Awards. In this series, I sit with some of the most forward-thinking, strategic creatives and executives to explore how the advertising industry is evolving and how to master it for your business and clients. 

No, Judy John and I are not related, but after our discussion I would be proud to call her a cousin! I was fortunate enough to sit with her and get her candid thoughts as a seasoned creative on the value of earned media and why it’s so much stronger than paid media, the keys to remaining authentic as a brand in the age of online activism, how diversity actually affects the bottom dollar, and so much more. Make sure you keep scrolling down to listen in to this amazing interview!

In this interview, you’ll learn about:

  • How to make an authentic statement as a brand
  • The real importance of getting involved in diversity-driven initiatives
  • How you can package your idea to be taken seriously by the leaders of your company 
  • The impact of brands on culture and how the two intersect
  • The unique voice of customers and how they can transform brands unknowingly
  • Why earned media is so much stronger at converting customers than paid media is

Here’s a quick look at Judy’s advertising industry accomplishments and leadership:

  • Took on the role of Chief Creative Officer for North America and CEO for Canada of Leo Burnett, a global advertising agency
  • Acted as the driving force behind the Always #LikeAGirl campaign, which won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial, Black Pencil Award at D&AD, Titanium, Grand Prix, and Glass Lion at Cannes AND was named by CBS as one of the top three Super Bowl commercials of all time
  • Other awards and recognitions include her ranking as the #1 Chief Creative Officer in the world in AdAge’s 2015 Awards Report, and her slots on Business Insider’s “30 Most Creative People in Advertising” list, Forbes’ “14 Creative Directors You Should Have on Your Speed Dial,” AdAge’s “Creativity 50: The Most Creative People of the Year,” and Gold House’s “100 List of Most Influential Asians in Culture”
  • Currently serving as the first ever Global Chief Creative Officer at Edelman, the world’s largest communications firm
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