Display of Power – Point of the Week – Failure

(This post was taken from Daymond’d weekly column on www.urbanworldwireless.com)

FAILURE…This week, think about how many times you have failed in life. I don’t care who you are or where you come from, we have all had the feeling of failing at something one time or another. The question is, did you let failure stop you? If so, why?

I’m sure when you were a child and failed, you tried and tried again, till you succeeded. Your first attempts to walk, talk and eat as a child certainly all ended in failure, but you never gave up, because as a child you had no fear of embarrassment.

As many of us grow older, we try less and less so we can avoid the embarrassment that we may face. In all reality, what may be more embarrassing is never trying at all and never advancing in life. Successful people fail more than they succeed, because they know the only way to advance in life is to test the boundaries, time and time again.

Those with “TRUE POWER” live by the words of Henry Ford: “FAILURE IS MERELY AN OPPORTUNITY TO MORE INTELLIGENTLY BEGIN AGAIN.” I wish you a great week. Questions and comments are welcomed at here or follow me on Twitter @DaymondJohnFubu

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