The Super Bowl Weight is Finally Over!

While Brady and Manning threw the pigskin around you crunched on the fried pigskin. While the Giants and Patriots piled on top of each other you asked Papa John’s, who sold over 1 million pizzas during last year’s Super Bowl, to pile on the toppings. When those athletes sweated and got dehydrated after every play you gulped down a keg of Budweiser or can of Coca-Cola in their honor. —I know this because I did the same thing!!

Now I’m not the smartest or best branding person in the world, but I noticed how the ads in between plays make us gain weight. With a record breaking 170 million people watching the Super Bowl this year, the day after is low hanging fruit in the advertising world. If advertising costs are back to normal the next day, then why don’t brands [that help us lose weight or cure stomach pains] like Weight Watchers, Whole Foods, athletic apparel companies, gyms, diet pills, P90X, Tums, etc., take advantage of this opportunity?

Why aren’t gyms compiling a Super Bowl package for the new customer—even if it’s just 2 week of workout for $5? Perhaps even bring a friend and it’s $10 for 2 weeks. Companies need to be promoting their businesses this way. Think about it for a minute: we all feel disgusting because we ate too much junk after the Super Bowl. Because of this, it’s the right time for “feel-good” brands to give new customers a taste of their business; people will try your product/service and then get hooked. Once they’re hooked, they’ll remain loyal and be more than happy to pay the regular rate just to continue looking and feeling great! Wouldn’t you?

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