Your Image Vs. Your Brand’s Image

One problem that many companies run into when trying to build their brand is a disconnection between the brand image and the business owners. The consumer needs to feel like the face of the brand is either just like them, or is someone that they aspire to be. For example, if your company sells protein bars and you are an out-of-shape 50-something, you are not helping yourself by being at the forefront. People don’t want to buy protein bars from someone like you; they want to buy them from an athlete with a near-perfect physique! That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a company that sells protein bars, it just means that you need to find someone who represents your brand’s image in an authentic way.


A big part of why FUBU did so well is that my partners and I were a lot like the consumers at that time. Now if we were to re-launch FUBU today, there is no way I could be the face of it! I’m known for wearing suits now. That’s another common scenario, your brand is successful, but your image is changing. That’s okay too, it just means that you need to take a step back, and find a new face for your brand. I wrote a blog over the summer called Why I’m In Clubs, in it I explain that I’m not in clubs in the same manner that I was when I was the face of FUBU. I’m there to make sure I’m aware of the latest trends, so I can leverage them to make my brands cool, because I’m not that cool anymore!


What are some brands that you think ring authentic? Who are the CEOs and/or faces? What do they do that makes you want to consume their products? Let me know in the comments!

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