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I’m often asked via my Instagram, Twitter and in interviews to share insights on personal branding. One of the most important parts of personal branding is your personal style. As you know, I’m in suits quite a bit but when I get a chance to dress more causally – I go for a fashion forward, downtown vibe. I’m a New Yorker so naturally I love wearing all black. You can see here that I try to make sure something like all black isn’t boring by mixing textures like knit fabrics, leather and denim. Putting a little extra thought into how you present yourself as much as possible can go a long way. You never know, you might bump into the person who could give you your big break in a coffee shop. Here are my top 3 tips for those of you looking to step up your personal style:

1. Look up – so often we are hustling around, looking at our phones and paying little attention to those around us. It’s very inspiring to check out what other stylish people are wearing. Sometimes checking out what people on the street in your city are wearing is more inspiring than reading a magazine. You can see how things look on someone who isn’t a super model. It’s not about copying someone’s outfit but take note of a color you might want to try or a new way to layer your clothing.

2. Try things on – like everything in life, great personal style requires a little effort. When you go shopping, rather than walking past things that you assume won’t work for you, take some of the clothes on a test run. Trying things on is free and you can discover a lot about your personal style by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

3. Incorporate accessories – It is all about communicating your own personal style and what makes you unique. Adding accessories is one of the best ways to infuse personality into your look.

Here are some links to get started!

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3. Grant Round Chronograph Leather Strap Watch, 44mm by Fossil: Get it here


4. Slotted 3-Pack Check Socks by Robert Graham: Get it here


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