Shark Bites – Week of July 6th, 2015

We keep our eyes and ears open for new interesting information on a daily basis. Whether it’s a news article, a blog, a magazine piece, or even a conversation we overhear or have ourselves, if the information can help people, we’re on it. Shark Bites is a section where we share this information with you. After you’ve enjoyed a piece, feel free to comment at the very bottom of each new post. You’ll find that a little bit of new information per day will go a long way.

This Is What “Shark Tank” Investor Mark Cuban Looks For In The Perfect Pitch

Where are the flaws in your sales pitch that are holding back investors? “Shark Tank” Investor Mark Cuban talks about some key components that contribute to the perfect sales pitch.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 11.04.09 AM

Check out the full video at Business Insider

How Old-School Management Kills Work Culture

As a CEO, it is crucial that you go about mentoring your new employees in a proper fashion, especially millennials. Check out this article to see how taking an old school approach to a millennial can be toxic to that employee’s development in the company.

How old school management kills work culture

Check out the full article at Tech Crunch

11 Creative Ways To Show Employee Appreciation 

Do you ever wonder how you could show your employees just how much you appreciate them and go about doing so in an innovative manner? Check out this article to see 11 creative ways in which you can show employee appreciation.

11 creative ways to show employee-recognition

Check out the full article at Business News Daily

Amazon Thinks It Can Beat Black Friday With “Prime Day”

In an initiative to get more Prime members, Amazon announced its plan to launch a sale that would top Black Friday. Check out this article to see more about Amazon’s “Prime Day.”

Amazon Prime Day

Check out the full article at Market Watch

I Phone 6S: 5 Features To Be Excited About

With Apple likely to release the I Phone 6S in September, rumors are circulating regarding the new features that it entails. Check out this article to see 5 noteworthy features to keep an eye out for.

I Phone 6S- 5 Features To Be Excited About

Check out the full article at Forbes

Buffett’s Kraft Heinz Bet Valued At $24 Billion In Debut 

After taking over Heinz in 2013 and facilitating its merger this year with Kraft Foods Group Inc., Warren Buffett has a stake in the company worth around $24 billion. Check out this article to see more details about how Buffett has made yet another billion dollar investment.

Buffett's Kraft heinz bet valued at $24 Billion

Check out the full article at Bloomberg

Women’s World Cup Victory Nabs Record Ratings

The U.S. women’s soccer team’s world cup victory over Japan on Sunday delivered record ratings as the game was watched by 15% of households according to initial ratings from Fox. Check out this video to see how these numbers stack up against past world cup matches.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.10.06 PM

Check out the full video at CNN Money

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