4 Things Every Startup Needs for Survival - Daymond John Business Tips

Today I’m sharing the TOP 4 things that every business startup needs to survive and thrive. These are the key principles behind every “overnight” success story like mine, which by the way, didn’t happen overnight!

I’ve had many failures with FUBU and even had to close down three times, but my business still survived. Why? Because I implemented these 4 things:

  1. Take affordable steps
  2. Practice the "Power of Broke"
  3. The necessity of innovation
  4. Communicate and engage


If you want to really understand what each of these tips means and how to apply them, watch the video below!


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Daymond John with quote "Rome Wasn't Built in a Day. Every Overnight Success Actually took 15 Years. Slow and Steady Growth always wins." superimposed over rome.
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