How One Mompreneur Is Teaching Her Son To Use The Power Of Broke To Help Others

Welcome to week seven of The Power Of Broke Community Series! I hope you had a chance to watch last week's video on Jonathan Ferrer from Brew Watches.

Today, I highlight Julie Veloz, one of our amazing ambassadors, who I was touched to hear tapped into the power of broke after reading my book.

She then has passed on that knowledge to her son who is doing some pretty amazing things to help those in need.



Rise and Grind

I always looked at myself as being unfortunate about being broke, and living the 'hard knock life'. I grew up in a low income family, parents living pay check to paycheck and sometimes the paycheck never made it to the next paycheck. I always felt that 'broke' was so unfair, and didn’t understand how those who had so much, didn’t appreciate it.

As it turned out, my gift gave me more… the gift of being broke that is. I knew that I could not just let life pass me by as another statistic ~ Latina female, in a poor neighborhood, acting out against authority, etc etc.

I knew that to Rise... I needed to Grind.

Be Resourceful: Find Beauty in Chaos

I tried not to let my broke, my bad luck, my ‘not fair’ get to me. What I didn’t notice was, by not processing how I was feeling was actually holding me back! It was making me feel like I couldn’t be more, because how could someone who comes from so little do anything grand? How could someone like me shed the label I thought society gave me?

I realized I needed to allow myself to heal, but how? I found my answer a couple of months ago.

Finding My Power Of Broke... Literally

You see this might sound 'hokey' to you guys, but sometimes it takes a quote, a line in a movie, or in this instance a book to get you to the 'aha' moment.

I was fortunate to pick up The Power of Broke. I am not sure what lead me to pick it up, could be the love of Shark Tank, the cool story of how Daymond came to success, or just because how can BROKE be powerful?

I read the first chapter until the last page, I never got up from the couch until the last words in the book. I took a deep breath and smiled...guess what! I realized the struggle I was complaining about for so long produced GRIT and the yearning to never back down and always succeed... The 'broke' had actually made me richer than anyone else. Imagine that! Realizing that turned my baggage into my most prized possession.

Be Relentless, Be First, Be Nice, Be Different

I used the Power of Broke and its lessons to take the risk and go for that bigger job, it inspired me to be confident… I dealt with broke. I told myself, what can an executive position throw at me that I haven’t conquered already with less education, less money, less support, and no love for the broke?

I took the leap and wouldn't you know... I went from middle management Director to a Vice President at IPG Media Brands.

The Gift Of Passing On The Power Of Broke

I am teaching my son, my future Entrepreneur, or as I love to call him my 'Baby Shark' about being broke. It’s important that although he will never struggle like I did, that he understands the power of using your creativity and ingenuity and sometimes low resources to do something special, something that could actually change the world. It is important as parents that we educate our children, not just the abc's, and 123's but to think outside of the educational box. Sometimes those lessons can be bigger than anything taught at school.

Out of me sharing what I learned from the power of broke, and through some really meaningful conversations with his mentor his Principal at his elementary school, my then 8 year old son came up with one of the most selfless organizations (OK I am biased). He is helping the homeless. Yes, his customers will never buy to make him a millionaire, and to many, his target market some may see them as the despots of society. But this entrepreneurial venture is teaching my son the values and work ethic that will make turn his dreams into a reality, whatever those dreams may be. More importantly he is filling a need for the people who need to know that happiness and loves still exists...

Eddie my son, created Happy Bags (a Bag of Happy). He collects donated toiletries, snacks, and money donations and creates a survival kit for homeless people. What makes it special is the attention to detail and love he puts in. Not only do they get supplies like toothbrush and paste, wipes, socks and food. They get things that are made with real hands and real love.

He reached out to his Aunt who owns 'Maddy’s Never Ending Bake Sale' ( to add homemade organic baked goods made from love. He recruited his friends to help write and draw messages of love and support because per him you can’t be sad with a yummy baked good and a note from a kid. We want them to know they are not forgotten and we care. He uses Facebook, and just launched his own page I monitor but allow him to make executive decisions dealing with marketing, strategy, and recruitment.

Seeing him bring his friends together, proved that no matter the age, the concepts of this book can be SHARED to really change the world, even if its one Happy Bag at a time.

Bringing It All Home

Until you have accepted your broke as the single most powerful differentiator that you have against any competition, it be your first business, your 10th business, the career you want, the relationship you want to achieve both personally and professionally…it will be your worst enemy...and the heaviest baggage you will ever carry. You need to share your broke and this book with the people you love the most, so they can be part of an amazing adventure.

Be Adventurous, let your broke go as a negative. Take the journey, live and love the adventure AND embrace your broke, because "Your Broke Makes You Rich Literally.”


I hope you enjoyed Julie's story! Please make sure you join the conversation below and let me know your thoughts!

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Have a great day! - DJ

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