If you’re here, that means you purchased your copy of Powershift. So thank you SO much for supporting me. Now, there’s only so much information that I can pack into one book, and I owe it to all of you to give each and every one of you all of my tips and guidance. That’s why I decided to create this page - to serve as a place where those of you who already read through Powershift can go for even more content and exercises. I’m so confident that these exercises will pave the path to success for you, and I want to see the results! Share your updates on social media and tag me @TheSharkDaymond so I can support you as you crush your goals.

Powershift Workbooks

Getting Started: What's Your Why

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Part 1: Influence - Make An Impression

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Part 2: Negotiation - Make A Deal

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Part 3: Relationships – Make a Connection Last

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