Steph Korey

Co-Founder of Away, 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient, Savvy Businesswoman with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

"Even if we only launched with a few customers, we took care to nurture each of those relationships, making sure their feedback was heard and we included them in the conversation every step of the way."

Steph Korey made her mark in the start-up, direct-to-consumer world as the head of supply chain at Warby Parker and a consultant on merchandise strategy and supply chain development for Casper. She and her business partner and former co-worker, Jen Rubio, co-founded Away, a direct-to-consumer luggage brand in 2015, and Steph was named in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2016. As the CEO of Away, Steph  made sure that the company itself was centered around the needs of the customer, and all product development is a direct result of consumer research and first-hand accounts from customers. Even in its initial product development phase, Steph made sure that the customers were at the forefront of all company activity, coming up with a travel-themed book to gift to customers over the holidays before their luggage was fully built out. Away has grown to have collaborations with household name celebrities and athletes like Rashida Jones and Dwyane Wade. Away officially reached unicorn status in 2019, a testament to Steph’s drive and dedication to the company.

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