Mark Cuban


"Culture is important in any and every company. Culture gives people guidance in how to approach and solve problems. It’s a guiding light when it comes to dealing with fans and customers. It’s the foundation for who we are in the community."

Whether you know him as the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, a Shark onShark Tank, or as a former Dancing with the Stars contestant, it’s clear that Mark Cuban is notlimited to one career. He’s been an entrepreneur since he was young, starting off by selling setsof garbage bags at age 12 to save up for a pair of shoes and later co-founding named AudioNet and designed to make it possible to listen to basketball games),which he and his partner sold to Yahoo! for nearly $6 billion in 1998, just a year after goingpublic. While some people might settle into an early retirement after achieving as much as Markat such a young age, he opted to kick it into even higher gear, and became a recurring Shark onShark Tank andan active and involved NBA owner