PowerShift: David Heath & Randy Goldberg

David Heath and Randy Goldberg both grew up surrounded by the entrepreneurial spirit, as their parents were involved in running their own businesses. After David saw a quote on Facebook about how socks were the most requested items at homeless shelters, he and Randy knew they had an opportunity to take their entrepreneur backgrounds and make a difference within their community. The two set off to complete extensive, hands-on research into what makes the best sock, taking into account how to best build a sock for homeless people who may endure a little more wear and tear as well as less frequent washing, and eventually Bombas was born. David and Randy pitched Bombas on Shark Tank and quickly became one of Daymond’s favorite pitches. The company, which models a buy-a-pair, we-donate-a-pair strategy, was able to sell a million pairs of socks in just two and a half years and over 10 million pairs have been donated. Bombas socks have since achieved the status as the highest selling product in Shark Tank history.