Crystal Volinchak

Mother, Digital Manager, Virtual Work Force Aficionado

"It was a lot of hard work and I sacrificed a lot in the short-term. I was terrified of that risk but I’m so proud of where it has led me now. Some days I still work A LOT, but I get to see my family all day, I like what I do and I love our clients. I think that’s part of finding success in the virtual workforce - you have to show up harder, be more dedicated and have a desire to serve."

Crystal Volinchak was happy as a full-time assistant but knew she had to take her career into her own hands when a policy change meant she wouldn’t be able to work from home after she gave birth 6 weeks early. As a first time mom, being with her son as much as possible was Crystal's number 1 priority, but her family relied on her income. So she decided to take her career into her own hands and turned to the virtual working world as a Digital Manager. Before quitting her day job, she wanted to make sure that the virtual workforce was the real deal. She made it her mission to build her credibility and prove how invaluable she was to each of her clients. So for 4 months, she sacrificed sleep and leisure to log 85 hour work weeks, finish her Master's degree and care for her family. After finding her niche and determining that she could not only remotely replace her income but more than double it, Crystal gave her notice at work and took the plunge. Today, she gets the best of both worlds as a successful business owner, working alongside her husband and a devoted mother to her son.

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