Clay Newbill

Primetime Emmy Award Winner, Shark Tank Executive Producer, Creator of Opportunity

"The Sharks keep doing Shark Tank because they love sharing their knowledge, knowing they are helping entrepreneurs and viewers who were just like them. The viewers realize that at one point in the Sharks’ lives, they were in the same position as the entrepreneur standing on the rug pitching the Sharks, someone with little more than a dream."

Shark Tank likely would not be the household name it has come to embody today without the sharp eye of Clay Newbill. After researching similar shows broadcast in other countries, Clay determined exactly what his vision of Shark Tank was and pitched the idea and his ideal cast members to a team of writers and editors. Clay has taken a hands-on approach to the show, making sure it always clearly shows how authentic every pitch and deal is and actively seeking out the best pitches to air from the show tapings. While he may be best known for his role in keeping Shark Tank relevant and highly rated over 10 years after its debut, Clay has also served as a producer, assistant director, and production manager on several other works throughout his career, including Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color and The Bachelor.

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