Billy Gene Shaw

Founder and CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing, Social Media Advertising Expert, Marketing Influencer with Unwavering Resolve

"I finally realized like, look, as long as I have my superpower, which is this whole marketing and advertising thing, I can sit at the table with the end of the day, it’s not who you know. Everyone says this, ‘well it depends on who you know.’ No. It’s who knows you."

Billy Gene Shaw may be known as a marketing and advertising expert now, but when he dropped out of college, his future was uncertain. He took up odd jobs but couldn’t find his passion, until he discovered Facebook advertising. Billy Gene created custom advertising plans for a variety of companies to build his credibility, and eventually opened up a consulting agency where he could continue to make these advertising strategies in a more formal way. After realizing the demand for courses that taught people how exactly to come up with the marketing and advertising strategies that came naturally to him, he started developing a curriculum around those topics. Billy Gene is now the CEO of Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc., where he teaches business owners, interested students, and anyone with a passion for marketing all of the concepts of selling and marketing that he never learned in school.

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