Let's raise a money-savvy next generation

"Financial literacy is the ultimate factor in whether or not you achieve financial freedom. Too many people don’t have resources that let them kick off this education at a younger age, and I refuse to let this continue to be the case.” - Daymond John

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Order your copy of Little Daymond Learns to Earn today - or let us donate on your behalf to children’s organizations in need!

Little Daymond Learns to Earn is an original picture book created by Daymond John in which Little Daymond learns the value of creating a product, marketing it to your audience, and earning money through hard work. This book illustrates the process of starting a business, complete with a guide to financial literacy terms and how to responsibly use money. Each of the characters have unique identifying traits and talents that young readers can identify within themselves, making it easy for those readers to relate to their goals.

Daymond has been an advocate for pursuing financial literacy for as long as he’s been in business, and he’s looking to help parents start those financial discussions with their kids at an earlier age. This book was written to empower the next generation, whether that be the children in your own family and community or children relying on philanthropic organizations to help educate them.

For that reason, we’ve partnered with X, Y, and Z to make it easy for supporters of this cause to donate books directly to the organizations and help them instill financial intelligence in their participants - leading to financial freedom for those same children.

Each bundle comes with the option to donate all or a portion of your purchase to one of these organizations, and our team will handle the logistics for you and make sure the donation is in your name!

    Bundle Options and Rewards

      Buy 1, Donate 1

      In this 2 book bundle, 1 book will be shipped to your address and 1 will be donated on your behalf to 1 of the organizations listed above!

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      10 Book Bundle

      When you purchase 10 books, you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a roundtable with Daymond!

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      50 Book Bundle

      When you purchase 50 books, you get guaranteed admission to a roundtable with Daymond!

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      100 Book Bundle

      When you purchase 100 books, you will receive a one on one call with Daymond!

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