Harley Finkelstein

Harley Finkelstein always had mind for business. In 2005, to put himself through law school and seeing the opportunity to sell T-shirts to his university, he bought a screen printing machine, started calling the executive council and soon landed the contract to supply the school with 200 T-shirts. Fast-forward three years later, he was supplying apparel to over 50 universities across the country. In 2009, Finkelstein met with the co-founder and CEO of Shopify, to discuss growth opportunities for the company. Finkelstein was one of Shopify's first customers and had experience building an online store on the company's platform. Shortly after having built a store on the platform he was hired by the company and has never left.

Shopify, currently powers over 200,000 businesses in approximately 150 countries, including: Tesla Motors, Budweiser, Red Bull, LA Lakers, the New York Stock Exchange, GoldieBlox, and many more with aggregate sales of over $8 billion dollars. In addition to being the Chief Operating Officer of Shopify, he is a mentor and advisor to several organizations and incubators, and most recently was named a “Dragon” on CBCs Next Gen Den, which is the Canadian television version of ABC’s Shark Tank.
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