Daymond Reveals Cancer Diagnosis on Good Morning America

In May, Daymond revealed on Good Morning America his recent diagnosis of stage two thyroid cancer. After having surgery earlier this year to remove a mass from this Thyroid, Daymond’s doctors determined that it was in fact cancerous. Today, Daymond is cancer free and attributes his current good health to yearly physicals and early detection.

In 2016, Daymond received advice from a close friend to go in for an executive physical. This physical nearly saved his life. As a result, Daymond decided to discuss his story on Good Morning America and use his own public platform to encourage people around the world to monitor their health and go in for periodic checkups. Daymond is adamant about sharing the importance of early detection and prevention, as well as encouraging all entrepreneurs to make their health a priority.

Click here to see Daymond’s interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America:

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