Daymond John for real business advice Sunday night

Author: Gerard Spinks

Daymond John is a true business leader. He really represents a strong African-American business leader on ABC’s Shark Tank show airing tonight and every Sunday on ABC. Most people do not realize how much of a true shark Mr. John is and I mean that in a good way. Don’t just learn from him and the other great show hosts as there’s not enough time on the show to truly understand the power of Daymond John and what he has done to the urban landscape in America and worldwide.

To truly dive into the mind of Daymond John, his book Display of Power is a must read for all entrepreneurs who want to start, develop, and grow a brand. Mr. John and his companies control several large name brand clothing brands in the United States and abroad. The brands under his tutelage, control, and influence include FUBU, COOGI, Heatherette, and Drunkn Munky.

Most African Americans know Mr. Daymond John from FUBU as most of us at some point have worn some lime green, red, yellow, or orange jeans back in the day. He continues his clothing line now with COOGI and other offerings. The most important aspect of learning about Daymond John lies in what he knows and teaches about personal power and brand management. For true business marketing, you do not need to be on the ABC Shark Tank show. You can find out everything online and learn how Daymond John builds brands from his web properties. Follow the leader. Do it now.

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