The Big Twittch: Social Media, the Tipping Point to Growing Your Brand

As savvy businessmen who engage in social media consistently throughout each business day, Daymond John, founder/CEO of FUBU and Mark Cuban, founder HDNet/owner of Dallas Mavericks, challenge the best & brightest ‘Reality Rocks’ attendees to jump into the shark tank on April 9th 1:30-3 pm at a one-time only event moderated by KTLA’s Sam Rubin.  You are invited to “pitch” your idea live, in 140 characters or less,and present your original business concept in the form of a “Twitter Pitch.” The lucky few chosen to present their novel idea in a public forum will gain immediate feedback from the hit show’s most approachable stars while the several hundred fans in the audience learn how using social media networking strategically can make or break their business. Swim with the Sharks LIVE for the first time ever with three of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, advocates for brevity and precision in business. This panel will delineate the importance of New Media in today’s world and the value of quick and concise pitches while offering direct, exclusive access to the stars of one of tv’s most exciting reality shows.

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