Boston Herald Interviews Entrepreneur-in-Residence of Babson College

Daymond John was named an entrepreneur-in-residence at Babson College to impart some of his business chops to students.

But John, founder of the FUBU urban clothing brand and star of the ABC-TV series “Shark Tank,” is picking up some new-generation pointers from them as well — and may even enroll in some classes at the Wellesley business school.

“I’m loving it so far,” said John, 42, who bypassed college. “I’m getting to see how all the academics work and think.”

And Babson students are really eager to be entrepreneurs, he said.

“Entrepreneurs are like a different breed of thinker, so a lot of the kids are very enlightening,” John said. “I think sometimes I’m learning more than they are.”

John will touch on the importance of social entrepreneurship during his keynote speech today at the 10th annual Babson Entrepreneurship Forum.


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