Daymond Honored as 2012 Tetley Distinguished of Kennesaw State University’s Leader Lecture Series

Daymond John is 2012’s Tetley Leader of the Kennesaw State University’s Coles College of Business Tetley Distinguished Leader Lecture Series.

According to News at KSU, the college’s professor of Entrepreneurship and Creativity, Jim Herbert, said that John’s talk was “uniquely creative, much like his successful fashion line. Daymond John’s life story represents the quintessential model of African-American entrepreneurial success, from the ‘hood’ to the ‘boardroom.’”

Among the lessons John taught the students: to do what they love and forget about making money. “The money will come. … Success is not money,” he told the audience. “We never thought we’d have more than a little store.” (Read more)

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Photo credit: David Caselli, Kennesaw State University Photography

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